Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Looking for a UK Drop Catching Service

If you are looking for a UK drop catching service, you might want to try the following:


If you know or have tried any others then please let us know!



Storm Brewing over Nominet's Board Elections

Nominet has issued an unprecedented statement regarding its forthcoming Board Elections:

The Nominet Board has a legal duty to act in the best interests of Nominet. This extends to acting in the best interests of our membership and stakeholders as a whole. We feel that it is important to communicate concerns about the Board nominations and believe it is our duty to alert all members to these issues ahead of the election closing date of 30 April.We have sent a letter (pdf) to every member with voting rights outlining our concerns. In the letter we refer to advice from Michael Todd, QC, which is available in full (pdf).Many Nominet members have said that they do not vote because they do not know any of the candidates, but would do so if they had a recommendation from the Board. The Board has usually taken the view not to make recommendations as to how to vote, however in this situation we feel that it is necessary considering the seriousness of these matters.This election is a significant test of the Nominet membership model, which is under active public scrutiny by stakeholders. We encourage all members to scrutinise every candidate's credentials and manifestos and to register your member vote carefully in this crucial election and AGM.

Interesting stuff - which has caused uproar on various UK domain forums.

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